Robot Technology

Robotics is the intersection of science, engineering, and technology that aims to create automated and intelligent solutions in different fields.

Diode Innovation Academy

Diode Innovation Academy is specialized in the technological education of Robotics and Electronics.

STEM Standard

STEM Standard Considered as the educational framework that brings reality into the learning space.

About Diode

Diode Academy is Aiming to teach and stimulate young minds to help them develop their innovative capabilities in technology and engineering fields.
Diode Academy offers educational programs approved by STEM Education Standards.

Incidentally, our name as Diode stems from our concept of representing Diode Academy’s role as an essential piece of a puzzle in terms of teaching and training Robot Technology.

We seek to offer a well based scientific educational material that could be built upon practical innovative solutions.

Our Programs

Basic Arduino

Basic program focuses on giving a brief introduction about the Arduino’s components, features, uses, and its connection with other electronics components. The program provides an overview of the Arduino software as well.

Students also get to learn more about the concept of building circuits and different projects like LED Controlling and the use of different types of resistors.

Additionally, students will get familiar with the controlling concept using multiple types of Sensors like the temperature sensor, Ultrasonic sensor, etc.
This program will qualify the students to continue to discover their interest in such fields through Arduino Robotics.

Advanced Arduino

Advanced program which continues what students learned in the basic program, by getting deeper into Arduino uses and software. Such a program helps students to develop critical thinking that would lead towards advanced project ideas.

Students will start learning more about advanced electronic components like LCD, electrical motors, etc.

Then, they will start getting involved in the controlling systems using Bluetooth devices and Wi-Fi.

This program will build a strong knowledge and basis for students to continue their journey in technology.


We present to you our core values at Diode Academy, which we seek to deliver to our students through our programs.

Bearing in mind that such core values delivered in our sessions meet the STEM educational standards.

“Robotics and other combinations will make the world pretty fantastic compared with today.”

Our Partners

Founding Team

Abdulrahman Zeinati

Abdulrahman Zeinati

Academic Director

Mechatronics Engineer with five years of experience in training Arduino Robotics.

Yousef Al-Basha

Yousef Al-Basha

Business Development Director

Telecommunication Engineer, who is enthusiast about education and has multiple working experience in different educational fields.